Laurie Varcoe, B.A.MM.RIB.ont.

Financial Advisor

I started in the insurance business as a State Farm Agent in Midland Ontario, in 1985. My 35 years in the business has given me the experience to work with many. I am passionate about the wealth that individuals and business owners are leaving behind because they don’t know the rules. I retired from State Farm in 2016 because I truly believe that I can do more and be more for my clients as an independent. I am very excited to have all of this knowledge and the power of the Canadian Financial Industry behind me. I have spent the last 7 years in advance study to bring you conversations that can make a difference. I am a Master Mentor for the Moneytrax, a wealth program that shows where your money is now and where it could be.I’m married for 22 years and my dogs name is Lotte. I would be honored to go to work for you. Service is a privilege.