Cache Flo Planning

A Behavioral Cash Flow Plan is a written document that offers personalized advice on managing your finances. It considers your income, expenses, proximity to retirement, short-term goals, assets, and liabilities to suggest how much you can spend on controllable items while working towards your dreams.

What is a Behavioral Cash Flow Plan?


A Behavioral Cash Flow Plan plan provides specific and clear advice on both spending and debt repayment, but it’s important to note that it’s not a traditional budget. Instead, it serves as a tool to help you manage your day-to-day cash flow effectively. It takes into account your financial obligations and provides guidance on future expenses like buying a new vehicle, handling emergencies, and planning for significant costs such as home renovations, all while suggesting the ideal amount to spend on controllable expenses.


Certified Cash Flow Specialists are trained in behavioral cash flow management, which considers spending behavior while managing day to day cash flow.

Work with a Certified Cash Flow Specialist to create your cash flow strategy and access CacheFlo. Easily monitor your finances and receive personalized spending advice right on your smartphone.

    How can a behavioural cash flow plan benefit me?

    • Discover funding options to support your dreams and aspirations.
    • Learn effective strategies to save significant amounts of money by avoiding inefficient interest.
    • Identify and eliminate unnecessary expenses to save money for things that truly matter to you.
    • Receive guidance on what actions to take, not just what products or services to purchase.

    What does a behavioral cash flow plan include:

    • A letter of engagement outlining the process and commitment of all parties.
    • A written report that is easily understandable and referenced on a regular basis.
    • Exactly HOW to alter your debts and cash flow patterns to achieve your dreams.
    • A review process including a refreshed written plan.

    During a quick conversation, we’ll assess if a cash flow strategy suits you, followed by an invitation to create a Cacheflo account at ‘Winton.’ If we believe we can significantly improve your finances, we’ll discuss your current financial priorities and demonstrate how achieving short-term goals, such as home renovations or dream vacations, can pave the way for funding long-term aspirations. Ultimately, we’ll work together to formulate a written plan to help you achieve those goals.